Celebrating Life


A meeting or crowd of people; a collection of somethings; to unite or come together

Why do we Gather?

To Share and connect with family as we remember and honor a loved one
To Surround ourselves with friends and relatives for a time of reflection
To Allow opportunities for private or public expressions of sympathy
To Know we are not alone in grief

A time of gathering (a wake or a visitation) allows a safe place to reminisce and reflect on a lifetime. Coming Together to Share Support allows us to remember all a loved one meant to us as we celebrate his or her life.




To show an image of something or someone; looking back to remember; revealing or exposing something

Why do we Reflect?

To Recollect and reminisce about special times and places spent together
To See a true meaning we may have missed
To Recognize others in ourselves through expressions, traits, and values passed down
To Commit to memory something we do not want to forget

The places we go, the sights we see, and the things we do shape our relationships. Looking Back and Not Forgetting helps us embrace the contributions of a loved one in our lives.




To observe an occasion with appropriate ceremony or festivity; to mark a special occasion; to praise something publicly or make it famous

Why do we Celebrate?

To Bring people together to recognize the importance of a life lived
To Provide an opportunity to embrace a loved one’s legacy
To Publicly acknowledge someone’s accomplishments and achievments through religious beliefs or family custom
To Commemorate a life through songs, readings, eulogies, and ceremony

Respecting family traditions, military service, or fraternal affiliations helps give meaning to someone’s life. Bringing Joy Through Remembrance allows us to reflect and rejoice in the things that made a loved one exceptional.




To be repaired naturally; to recover spiritually or emotionally; repair or rectify something that causes discord

How do we Heal?

By Gathering, Reflecting, and Celebrating, value is given to the relationship we shared
By Understanding and accepting grief, we have time to cope
By Reconciling emotions, we find peace within ourselves
By Accepting the love and encouragement from others, as well as support from groups and educational materials, we begin to heal

Through support groups, friends, and family, many people find comfort in knowing that they are not alone in grief. Healing takes time. Allowing Time to Recover prepares us for the new beginnings and adjustments we will face.

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